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About Xpedite Diagnostics


After careful preparation and planning for more than 1 year, Xpedite was founded in November 2020 and launched its first product, SwiftX™ Swabs, which is validated for SARS-CoV-2 testing. We are a small team of enthusiasts, who have a common goal: We want to expedite molecular diagnostics!

Products and Technologies

We aim to expedite molecular diagnostics by bringing innovative and mind-changing tools to the market. In a first step, we focus on nucleic acid extraction. We have developed a versatile suite of components called SwiftX™ Toolbox. This technology allows us to tailor-made extraction kits for various applications. Our first product based on the Toolbox is SwiftX™ Swabs. Beyond that, we are working on many more specific applications to be marketed in 2021.


Highlighted Products
SwiftX™ Swabs (CE-IVD)
SwiftX™ Swabs has been validated for extraction of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) RNA from nasopharyngal as well as oropharyngal swabs. Swabs can be transported dry or if required in saline as well as VTM. The kit is also fully compatible with saliva samples.
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