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Allevi is building tools to design and engineer with life. 3D bioprinters and bioinks are used by leading researchers all around the world to find solution to humanity's most difficult problems - to cure disease, to test novel drugs, to eliminate the organ waiting list, to build with life.

Allevi created desktop 3D bioprinter to be the most versatile, powerful and easy- to-use bioprinter on the market. Allevi have grown to serve hundreds of labs in all corners of the world and have become leads in biofabrication revolution. 


Allevi is constantly inspired by our community of users who are performing world-class research on our platform. When your work has life changing implications for people all over the world, it’s an amazing responsibility.


That ingenuity. That importance. That’s Allevi.

Everyone has the potential to change the course of medicine.


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Highlighted Products
Allevi 1
The most affordable and easiest-to-use bioprinter on the market. With temperature control from 4°C to 160°C you can print everything from collagen to PLGA - all on your lab bench.
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Allevi 2
Bringing a new dimension to biology. The Allevi 2 is the world's first desktop 3D bioprinter that prints living tissue out of human cells. It is a beautifully designed, precision manufactured 3D bioprinter that prints cells and bioinks.
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Allevi 3
Bring your work to life. The Allevi 3 bioprinter empowers you to print any cell line, into any geometry for any application that you can imagine. Allevi 3 will exceed your needs today and has the versatility to grow with your work.  
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