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Advansta develops reagents and kits for protein detection, quantification and characterization. Advansta draws on its team's expertise in protein chemistry and understanding of the needs of the modern molecular biology lab to develop kits, reagents, and assays with superior performance that reduces hands-on time and increase productivity. Key product lines are designed to provide a complete solution for chemiluminescent and fluorescent Western Blotting, including detection reagents for different imaging methods, as well as compatible buffers and consumables.


Advansta's mission is to be the leading developer and supplier of products for protein characterization.


Our expertise in chemistry and protein analysis is behind all our products, and has allowed us to create the WesternBright line of substrates. With over 200 citations in 2014 alone, our flagship products have become recognized as the most sensitive chemiluminescent substrates on the market.



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Key Product Categories



Fluorescent Western Blotting Chemiluminescent Western Blotting ELISA
Electrophoresis Antibodies and Antibody Labeling
Sample Preparation


Purification Protein Staining Buffers and Solutions


Highlighted Products
WesternBright™ ChemiPen™
With the proprietary "ink" from WesternBright ChemiPen, you can transform your visible protein markers into chemiluminescent markers, to annotate your blot with a date or blot ID, or to check the stability of your HRP substrate.
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FLASHBlot™ Transfer Buffer
Ready-to-use transfer buffer designed for faster, more efficient transfer of ALL proteins including high molecular weight proteins, with increased sensitivity for low abundance proteins and better detection for post-translationally modified proteins. Conveniently suitable for any wet transfer set-up.
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SpectraDye™ Antibody Labeling Kits
Quick and easy - one-step labeling in 30 minutes; Versatile - labeled antibodies are compatible with IF microscopy, Flow cytometry, Western blotting; Flexible - choose from 6 commonly used fluorescent dyes; Save antibody - labeling reaction requires as little as 10 ug antibody.
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WesternBright™ Quantum HRP Substrate
Sensitive - detect attomoles of protein per band; Quantitative - linear range of signal with respect to protein amount exceeds 3 orders of magnitude; Versatile - Optimized for CCD imaging, and compatible with film detection; Low background; Long lasting signal for 10 hours.
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LucentBlue™ X-ray Film
LucentBlue™ is a sensitive film with sensitivity equal to more expensive films from other big brands. Two sizes - 5x7" and 8x10" sheets are available. In addition to Western blots, LucentBlue™ can be used for Northern and Southern blot detection, and other techniques requiring film.
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