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About Omega Bio-tek, Inc.


Since its founding in 1998, Omega Bio-tek has been at the forefront of nucleic acid purification by offering products for clinical and basic research, biotechnology and agricultural applications. DNA and RNA extraction is the first step for so many downstream analyses, and efficient and clean nucleic acid isolation is crucial. Our goal is to offer high-quality products to help you improve your workflows. 


For the best option for all of your extraction needs, we offer multiple nucleic acid extraction chemistries including magnetic beads, silica membranes and salting out. These three different methods are available in a wide range of different kits and configurations for a total of over 900 products. Our second generation HiBind silica matrix offers tremendous flexibility and has provided solutions for nucleic acid isolation from a spectrum of sources. Using the spin column format, our E-Z Nucleic Acid (E.Z.N.A.®) system takes advantage of the HiBind silica membrane and allows for the purification and recovery of DNA and RNA from tissues, cultured cells, gels and solutions. Our Mag-Bind® technology provides a flexible and reliable method for isolating nucleic acids using magnetic beads. Our magnetic beads are customized to each application, offering optimal magnetization response time, settling and binding capacity. Our diverse products range from RNA purification from plants to DNA extraction from dried blood spots.


Quality is key to operations at Omega Bio-tek. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we ensure that products are properly assembled, tested, recorded, stored and shipped. We perform rigorous quality checks of our products and thoroughly train our employees to ensure compliance. We also have several quality control steps within our processes to deliver the best product. We firmly believe that quality in equals quality out.


The Omega Bio-tek Difference


  • Economical: On average, Omega Bio-tek's products cost 30% less than the competition.
  • Individual components: We sell kit components separately.



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