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About Full Moon Biosystems


Full Moon BioSystems, Inc. is founded in 2001. It is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Full Moon focus on developing innovative products for proteomic research. Their goal is to help life science researchers around the world simplify and accelerate their research with better products and services.

Key Technologies Include:
  •    ELISA based Antibody arrays for qualitative protein expression profiling
  •    Proprietary polymer based surface chemistry
  •    Imaging System Calibration and Validation


Key Products Include:
  •    Antibody Microarrays 
  •    Imaging System Calibration and Validation Tools
  •    DNA and Protein Microarray Substrates



Highlighted Products
Antibody Microarrays
Antibody Array provides a high-throughput platform for efficient protein expression profiling or site-specific phosphorylation profiling. Their brand-scope exploratory arrays are capable of examining up to 1358 proteins in a single experiment, while pathway arrays are used to study highly relevant proteins in specific research fields.
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Monoclonal Antibodies
Full Moon offer high-quality monoclonal antibodies against cancer markers, hormones, serum proteins, collagens and extracellular matrix proteins, drugs-of-abuse and more. The matched antibody pairs can be used to develop ELISAs for clinic diagnostic and research applications and other immunoassay platforms.
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Reagents and Kits
Full Moon offer a number of ready-to-use reagent kits, including Antibody Array Assay kit, Protein Extraction Kit, Protein Extraction Buffer, to complement our antibody arrays or for used as stand-alone kits.The convenient and easy-to-use reagents are optimized for antibody arrays and other applications.
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Scanner Evaluation Tools
Scanner Evaluation Tools are designed for assessing, verifying, and calibrating microarray scanners' performance. Detection systmes play a key role in the reliability and comparability of array data. Ensuring array scanners in good working condition protects the integrity of your research data.
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