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About Lab-Bubble


Lab-Bubble™ is designed and manufactured by CTS Europe Ltd, a UK based company designing, constructing and commissioning mobile and bench mounted laboratory fume hood cabinets and safety containment systems to the pharmaceutical industry.


CTS laboratory containment systems are 100% British designed and manufactured, from their Portsmouth facilities, and supplied worldwide with systems being used throughout Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and Australia.


In 2012, CTS positioned themselves as a world-leading innovator for containment systems with the launch of their Lab-Bubble system, a new type of benchtop laboratory fume hood which took the top prize at the Lion’s Lair innovation competition that same year.


Lab-Bubble is a re-circulatory fume hood system, fully performance tested and designed as an entry unit to the general laboratory market. It currently offers four different types of controlled environments. Find out more about Lab Bubble.





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Highlighted Products
PCR Clean Air Bubble
The PCR Clean Air Bubble is designed to provide an enclosed environment for the handling of sensitive PCR reagents.  The system operates as a positive pressure HEPA filtered system that creates a continual ISO Class 5 clean air blanket over the sample preparation area.
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PCR Still Air Bubble
The PCR Still Air Bubble is designed to provide an enclosed sample handling area to help prevent contaminants affecting PCR reagent preparation.
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Safety Bubble
The Safety Bubble is a bench mounted fume hood system that performs to recognised fume hood containment standards EN 14175 and BS 7989.  This ensures protection for the user when handling hazardous chemicals.
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Glove Bubble
The Glove Bubble provides a sealed environment for sensitive sample handling. Each Glove Bubble includes: Gas inlet and outlet ports for creating specific gas conditions. Transfer hatch to control the entry in and out of the Bubble without affecting the atmosphere. Internal Electrical supply Anti-Static Nitrile Gauntlet gloves
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